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Moonwalk Rental In A Park: What You Need To Know

Renting a moonwalk for use in a public park is generally more complicated than renting a moonwalk for use on a private residence. These tips will help you coordinate a moonwalk rental for a party in a public park.

Obtain the Permits

It will be up to you to obtain the permits in order to assemble a moonwalk rental on public property. Contact your local parks department before finalizing the details of the rental to ensure that a moonwalk rental in a public park is even a possibility. It may be that your parks department will dictate where and when the moonwalk rental can be assembled, and you'll have to know all those details when calling to place the order for the bounce house. Get the park requirements in writing and pass those requirements along to the moonwalk rental company to ensure that they are aware of the requirements.

Supervise the Drop Off and Pick Up

Assign one adult in your group to be on hand with the bounce house throughout the entire rental period. This wil ensure that the bounce house is protected and not used by strangers while it is on park grounds. Never leave a bounce house on its own in a public area. The person you assign to this task must be on hand when the bounce house is delivered, and should stay with the bounce house until it is picked up.

Keep Your Bounce House a Distance Away from Playgrounds

Your moonwalk rental will draw the attention of every child in the vicinity once it's put in place. Keeping it away from public areas where children will be present, like playground areas, can stop children from wandering over to play in the bounce house uninvited.

Set up Boundaries around Your Party

Put up a rope or some other boundary around your party to help make it clear that the party is a private event. You can also prevent parents of interested children from mistaking your group for a public event by putting up signs that show your event is private. "Happy birthday signs" or "Congratulations" signs will be enough to inform parents.

Rent a Generator

Moonwalk rentals need power to function, and you won't have that at a park. Many party suppliers also rent generators, but it's up to you to finalize the details of a generator rental. If they have different models of generators and you're forced to choose, ask for the quietest generator available to avoid disrupting other activities at the park.

For more information and tips about renting a moonwalk for a party in a public place, contact your moonwalk rental company. They'll be able to provide you with more tips and information.