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The Best Places To Buy Used Heavy Construction Equipment

Used heavy construction equipment, such as skid steers and boom trucks, can be purchased at a great price to allow you to perform your construction duties without having to lease or rent these items. Knowing where to look to buy used equipment can help you buy quality pieces with many hours left on them. Here are the best places to buy used heavy construction equipment for sale.


When construction companies and heavy equipment rental companies have excess older machinery or upgrade to newer models, they sometimes choose to auction off their heavy equipment rather than try to sell them individually on their own. You can follow auctions in your area to see when heavy construction equipment you need comes up for auction. Auctions featuring heavy construction equipment also tend to have other needed items as well, such as cement mixers, trailers for hauling equipment, and work trucks. When buying from an auction, thoroughly inspect all heavy equipment pieces for rust, dings, and inquire about the number of hours that have been used on certain machinery. This can help you determine if what you are bidding on will have many years left and whether it has been maintained appropriately by previous owners.


Just like car dealerships often have used vehicles and returned lease cars for sale at a lower price, dealers of heavy construction equipment often do the same. When using a dealer as a resource, you may be given the option to make payments on a newer model of used machinery with a down payment. A great time to buy from a dealer is when newer models of equipment hit the market. Dealers will want to get rid of their used and last season's models so they can make room for the newest inventory, and will often place their older equipment at low sale prices to entice buyers to purchase their older equipment.

Other construction companies

Construction companies that own their equipment outright may sell machinery they no longer use because they have upgraded or changed their business specialty. Converse with construction business owners to see if they would be willing to part with their unneeded skid steers, dump trucks, or other common machinery that they don't have use for. Other business owners may be willing to trade equipment with you if you have used heavy construction equipment you no longer have use for that they need.

Buying used heavy construction equipment can save you a lot of money and allow you to work with the machinery you need without leasing it or renting. Construction companies, dealers, and auctions are great places to find the right equipment you need at a price you can afford.