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Four Uses Of Diamond Blades For Cutting Hard And Fragile Materials

If you work with hard materials like concrete, rock or masonry, you need cutting tools that are accurate to get the job done. This is why diamond blades are used by many professionals for anything from cutting concrete to installing tile. They can also be used for finer work, such as cutting countertops or glass. Here are some of the uses that you may have for diamond blades:

1. Using Diamond Tipped Sawblades To Cut Concrete

To cut concrete, you will need to have a strong blade to cut through aggregate and hardened cement. Over time, the concrete can become harder, which is why you may want to have a diamond blade for your saw. This can be combined with water to make cutting concrete a simple task to accomplish.

2. Making Precise Cuts For Tile With Wet Saws And Diamond Blades

Installing tile can be a tedious job, which requires skill. There are tile cutting tools that break tiles to make the cut, but this is not always accurate. For more accurate cuts and custom designs, a saw needs to be used. A tile cutting saw with a diamond blade can make cutting tile easy and accurate. This can be a good way to cut tiles to make custom patterns and designs in your tilework.

3. Cutting Stone For Countertops And Other Needs With Diamond Blades

Stone may be another material that you need to cut. Stone like marble can be fragile, so breaking it is not an option. Instead, a saw needs to be used to cut stone for things like countertops and other finishes. A diamond blade will make cutting these materials much easier, and reduce wear on saws. These blades can be used on many cutting tools, including smaller handheld saws that are used to cut materials in tight spaces.

4. Using Diamond Tipped Blades To Cut Fragile Glass To Fit Any Opening

You can also use diamond blades to cut fragile materials. For installing custom glass, a diamond blade can help cut materials to fit in openings. This can be good for specialty glass that is hard or thicker than regular glass materials. A special glass cutting tool can be fitted with a diamond tipped blade to make the cuts.

These are some of the uses that you may have for diamond blades. If you need a cutting tool that can make accurate cuts with ease, contact a diamond blades supplier such as Web Granite Supplies.