Staying Safe Around Construction Equipment

Emergency Scaffolding Acquisition: Should You Rent Or Rent To Buy?

You know the saying: The best-laid plans often go awry. That's as true in construction as it is in other fields. While construction companies do their best to ensure they have all the supplies and equipment they need, sometimes they end up needing a few extra pieces, including extra scaffolding. Most scaffolding companies have a rent-to-own option. How can you tell when it's time to forget renting and returning, and move to arranging to buy?

How Many Times Have You Needed Extra Scaffolding?

Once in a while, a company might need extra scaffolding for a job. In this case, traditional renting is usually just fine. But think back on how often you've needed the extra equipment. Have you noticed an increase in the number of times you've had to seek out extra scaffolding? If you find that you're calling the rental company more and more, it might be time to call them about renting to own. You'd rent scaffolding for your next project and then see if that scaffold worked well. If it did, you can convert your rental fees to a down payment and pay the remaining cost of the scaffolding. As long as you have somewhere to store it, you have nothing to lose by proactively acquiring scaffolding if you know you'll likely need to get more soon anyway.

How Old Is Your Current Scaffolding?

Are you renting scaffolding because of last-minute maintenance issues with the scaffolding you usually use? Are you using older scaffolding that is showing signs of getting too old to be safe to use? Inspect what you have, and then see about renting to own. Because you can rent different types of scaffolding, you can use the rental period to test out brands and models, and then arrange to buy the one you like. That's better than having the old scaffolding finally give out, leaving you with a gap that requires another emergency rental.

What Are Your Future Plans?

Somewhat related to how often you have been renting scaffolding is whether you have plans to expand in the future. Maybe you aren't renting extra scaffolding a lot now, but if you've got a major marketing push going ahead to drum up more business, you may need more equipment quickly. Best to start testing out new scaffolding now through rentals that you can convert to purchases.

Other issues could change how you handle scaffolding, of course; maybe you need more but have nowhere to store it when you're not using it. In that case, renting and returning the scaffolding when the project is over may be better for you. But if you do find that you're renting a lot or need to get more, a rent-to-own scaffold is a helpful option.

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