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Expanding The Use Of Your Skid Steer Loader With Additional Attachments

A skid steer loader is an extremely flexible machine that can be a great tool for small and large jobs alike. The small size and maneuverability of the loader can make it easy to use in tight places, but the strength of the machine allows you to do a lot of different jobs with the machine. Adding attachments makes these loaders even more flexible. Here are some ways that skid steer attachments can help you.

Lifting and Moving Materials

One of the best attachments for a skid steer that is going to work on a job site is a set of pallet forks. With a set of forks on your loader, you can load and unload materials and supplies that arrive on pallets. While there are limits to the amount of weight that you can put on the forks, most skid steers can handle one or two pallets at a time. 

If you need to be able to load or unload pallets and materials and you have a skid steer on the site, fork attachments are a good investment and can save you time and money in the long run.

Sweeping The Site

Another useful attachment for the front of your skid steer loader is a broom or sweeper attachment. The broom is typically a rotary style brush driven by the hydraulic system, and it can move a lot of debris from hard surfaces. The broom is very handy for cleaning up sidewalks or parking areas after work is complete.

The broom attachment is okay to use with some water as well, so washing and sweeping a sidewalk, cement pad, or loading area to eliminate dust and dirt is a great use of this attachment. 

Oversize Buckets

Some skid steer loaders can handle a larger bucket on the front than the ones they come from the factory with. The size of the bucket is important though. If you choose an oversize bucket and load it down with rocks or concrete, you may find that the machine becomes front-heavy. If you are considering adding an oversize bucket to your skid steer, talk to the dealer or manufacturer of the machine and find out what the largest bucket is that you can safely use for your model. 

Cutting Attachments

Concrete and asphalt cutter attachments are also available for the front of some skid steer loaders. Demolition companies can benefit from having attachments like this to cut up concrete pads or pavement sections that need removing. Using a cutting head on a skid steer makes short work of slab cutting, but it is best for rough work, not precision cutting.