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Helpful Tips When Renting A Crane For Temporary Work Operations

There may be a project that warrants a crane rental, whether it's to move heavy equipment or gain access to certain heights. Carrying out this rental transaction doesn't have to be difficult as long as you keep these tips in mind. 

Choose a Crane Type

No matter which crane rental provider you work with, they will have different cranes available. It's important that you assess your operations in advance so that you know exactly what type of crane rental to get for your operations.

For instance, if you'll be moving this crane to various work sites, you'll want to get a mobile crane. These cranes typically come on heavy-duty wheels and are extremely easy to move around. Or if the crane is remaining in the same place, a stationary telescopic crane may be the better choice.

Get Adequate Protection

Even before the rental crane is dropped off at your worksite, you need to get adequate protection on it. If you don't and something bad happened to the rental crane under your supervision, you may be liable for the costs that occur. That's not ideal because crane damage is usually expensive to fix. 

Fortunately, you can save yourself repair trouble and costs by getting insurance on the rental crane. Whatever happens to the crane while it's in your care, the insurance will keep you protected. You'll pay extra for one of these policies, but at least you'll have peace of mind the entire time this crane is on your worksite.

Prepare the Site

Since cranes are large and take up quite a bit of space, you'll need to prepare your worksite well in advance of the crane's arrival. Otherwise, the company dropping this crane off may have a difficult time and that can equate to more costs you have to cover.

What you need to do is select an optimal location for this crane. Then, make sure there are no structures or vehicles blocking the pathway leading up to this designated drop-off location. Make sure your crew knows when the arrival is too so they can stay clear. 

Cranes are incredibly helpful machines capable of supporting a lot of weight and reaching great heights. If you believe a crane is needed for an upcoming or current project, make sure you take this rental process seriously and make the right preparations. Only then will this entire rental process go as planned. 

For more information, reach out to a local crane rental service.