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Six Mistakes To Avoid In The Use Of Grinding Machinery At Your Facility

Grinding machinery may be among the pieces of equipment you use on a daily basis as part of your construction operation. If this is the case, there are a few mistakes you need to avoid to keep your grinding machinery operating in optimum condition.

The following are six mistakes to avoid in the use of grinding machinery at your facility. 

Allowing too much temperature fluctuation

For optimal grinding machinery operation, it's important to keep the ambient temperature and the machinery coolant temperature as close as possible. You can keep coolant and ambient temperature close by investing in a chiller.  

Neglecting to focus on the importance of the coolant system

If you want to optimize performance and maximize lifespan regarding your grinding machinery, then you need to focus on keeping the coolant system in good shape.

Make sure that the coolant in your machine is always properly filtered. Also, make sure that the coolant level stays constant and inspect your coolant filtration system periodically. 

Failing to keep up with maintenance of the grinding wheel

Another part of grinding machinery that needs to be properly maintained is the grinding wheel. You maintain your grinding wheel by both dressing it and conditioning it.

Periodically dressing and conditioning the grinding wheel will keep your machine spindle in better shape over time. This routine maintenance will also maximize the productivity of grinding machinery. 

Neglecting collet maintenance

The collet of grinding machinery needs to be kept clean. If residue accumulates on the collet, this will lead to a situation where productivity will be reduced and grinding machinery could exhibit premature wear and tear.

The collet needs to be not only cleaned regularly but also replaced periodically to maintain optimum functionality.

Overlooking the manual that comes along with your machinery

Reading any literature that came along with your grinding machinery is important. Grinding machinery manuals include instructions regarding proper operation and maintenance procedures.

Reading through the manual helps to avoid mistakes on your worksite that could compromise the condition of your grinding machinery over time. 

Failing to keep track of air supply and power supply considerations

In particular, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations about the ideal air and power supply when you're reading your manual.

Inadequate air or power supply can cause damage to grinding machinery components. Carefully measure air and power supply to ensure that it remains within recommended ranges according to the manufacturer.