Staying Safe Around Construction Equipment

Procuring The Equipment Your Construction Project Will Need

As you are preparing to undertake a major construction project for a client, it is necessary to spend ample time preparing and planning for the types of logistical challenges that will be encountered. In particular, supplying the site with the types of equipment that it will need can be among the most important steps for ensuring that your workers are able to quickly and efficiently complete this project.

Failing To Properly Insure The Rented Construction Equipment

Unfortunately, there can be many ways that your construction equipment could be damaged or destroyed while you have it rented. If this were to occur, you will likely have to pay for any necessary repairs or replacement costs that will arise. In order to protect yourself against this risk, there are insurance policies that you can purchase that will offer important protection against these liabilities. Furthermore, many rental providers will offer these policies to their clients, and they may even require either a policy to be purchased or proof of insurance to be provided before the rental will be approved.

Overlooking Equipment That May Be Needed During The Construction Project

When you are preparing to rent equipment for your construction project, preparing a comprehensive list of all of the equipment that will be needed during the course of the project can avoid a situation where you may inadvertently overlook a piece of gear until it is needed. This could contribute to unnecessary delays that could impact the entire construction project. When preparing this list, you should also consider the schedule as you may only need some of this equipment for particular phases of the project. For example, your workers will likely only need access to excavation equipment during the initial site preparation process and the installation of the foundation.

Not Considering The Storage Needs For The Equipment

At the end of the day or other times when your coworkers are not using this equipment, it will have to be stored so that it can be safe from theft and damage. This type of storage is especially critical for smaller pieces of equipment that can be carried. These items can be at the greatest risk of being stolen or lost. Having a storage cabinet that can be anchored and locked will be essential to minimize the risk of these items being stolen by criminals that may break into the worksite when it is closed. Many construction equipment rental services can even provide secure storage solutions so those that lack these storage units will avoid the need to invest in buying these items.

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