Demolition Safety: How To Trust In Your Contractor

So you've hired a construction company for a demolition project. You've surely selected a company that implements impeccable safety measures. During a demolition project, the obvious concern every time is safety. A demolition procedure needs to be carried out in a precise and carefully planned fashion. Demolishing a structure is a team effort and is always carried out in a systematic way. It's an extremely risky process if not done properly and can cause serious injuries or death. [Read More]

The Best Places To Buy Used Heavy Construction Equipment

Used heavy construction equipment, such as skid steers and boom trucks, can be purchased at a great price to allow you to perform your construction duties without having to lease or rent these items. Knowing where to look to buy used equipment can help you buy quality pieces with many hours left on them. Here are the best places to buy used heavy construction equipment for sale. Auctions When construction companies and heavy equipment rental companies have excess older machinery or upgrade to newer models, they sometimes choose to auction off their heavy equipment rather than try to sell them individually on their own. [Read More]

Moonwalk Rental In A Park: What You Need To Know

Renting a moonwalk for use in a public park is generally more complicated than renting a moonwalk for use on a private residence. These tips will help you coordinate a moonwalk rental for a party in a public park. Obtain the Permits It will be up to you to obtain the permits in order to assemble a moonwalk rental on public property. Contact your local parks department before finalizing the details of the rental to ensure that a moonwalk rental in a public park is even a possibility. [Read More]

3 Things To Consider Before Renting A Crane

If you are planning to do some serious remodeling to your home, having access to a crane can be a big help. Lifting heavy objects like stone, wood trusses, or steel structural frames can be tiring. With the help of a crane, these heavy objects can quickly and easily be lifted into place. To ensure that you are renting the right crane for your home remodel, here are three things you should take into consideration. [Read More]